A sample of analytics from GoatCounter
GoatCounter is an open source privacy-friendly web analytics platform

I haven’t really told anyone about this blog as it’s more of a project to give me somewhere to do something technical rather than a place I want to drive traffic to. Even so, as I write more content, it would be nice to see more traffic arrive organically at the site. To track how this grows over time, I’ve enabled GoatCounter on the site…

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Font Awesome

Font Awesome Icons
The clue is in the name!

While in the process of writing my (currently unpublished) About page, one of the things I wanted to add were icons for the links to my various social media profiles. I could add these as images, but I figured it might be cool to add Font Awesome to the blog. Turns out it’s actually very simple to do…

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Archetypes Are Really Useful

Person Using a Cookie Cutter
Having an easily repeatable pattern removes friction from a task

One of the reasons I feel have failed to blog at all over the past 4 years is that the barrier to entry was too high. Rather than focusing on writing content, I would spend lots of time trying to remember how to use the tools, get frustrated, and give up. Some of this friction can be removed with a handy Hugo feature called Archetypes.

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