I discovered that the Hello Friend theme I am currently using will no longer be maintained. The repository was archived on 10 June 2023. This leaves me with a decision to make.

I’ve been using the Hello Friend theme since I had some time to myself during the Christmas break last year to refresh the site. I was impressed with the cleanness of the theme and that it was receiving regular updates. Given Hugo is updated frequently, sometimes with breaking changes, it’s good if the theme can keep up with it.

Given this change, I have a few options:

  • Continue to use the theme as-is and hope nothing breaks
  • Fork the code and maintain it myself
  • Move to a new theme

For now, option 1 is the most appealing. I don’t update the site very often, and so hopefully won’t run into issues any time soon. If I do, hopefully they are simple enough such that I can fix them in my own fork.

The idea of finding a new theme doesn’t really appeal. It’s hard to find something I like and there’s always something that’s not quite to my taste even with the best of themes.

There is another option - create my own theme. I’d love to learn HTML and (S)CSS and make something that is totally what I want. This is the least likely to happen sadly, but if I get another quiet Christmas, never say never…

Cover photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash