The Clapham 10k

I’ve not set out to create a blog about running, but so far that’s all I seem to be writing about! It’s not even something I’m particularly good at.

To improve, I simply need to do it more often, and on a regular basis. Running at a Parkrun each weekend is a good way to help build up the habit. To get good at it though, I needed to set myself a challenge that made me push myself outside of my comfort zone and improve as a runner.

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Parkrun PB

Map of Parkrun - Hampstead Heath
Map of my Parkrun on Hampstead Heath

Continuing with the Parkrun theme, yesterday morning I attended Hampstead Heath along with 448 other runners. It was an amazing day for running - beautiful sunny sky, warm but not too hot, and the Heath is such a beautiful place to be whatever the occasion.

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People running at Parkrun
Parkrun is a free timed 5k run every Saturday

This morning I headed over to Markeaton Park, and joined 372 other people to take part in one of many Parkruns taking place around the country.

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