I’ve not set out to create a blog about running, but so far that’s all I seem to be writing about! It’s not even something I’m particularly good at.

To improve, I simply need to do it more often, and on a regular basis. Running at a Parkrun each weekend is a good way to help build up the habit. To get good at it though, I needed to set myself a challenge that made me push myself outside of my comfort zone and improve as a runner.

My friend messaged me today to ask if I wanted to join him in the Clapham 10k run taking place in September. It was a really nice thought, and not something I could turn down. We both signed up straight away!

I’ve run 10k only once before in my life, at the Derby 10k back in April 2011. My goal that time was simply to try and complete the course without stopping to walk. I managed exactly that in a time of 1h:05m:27s. This time around I know I can do better. I’ll be looking to complete the course and break the 1 hour mark.

To get to this level I need to be disciplined and train regularly. At a minimum I need to run twice a week. With Parkrun on Saturdays fulfilling one of those runs, I will also run once or twice during the week, especially as I not only need to increase my speed, but also to run longer distances. This is likely to mean waking up early when I can, putting my trainers on and heading out there while the rest of London sleeps!

I’m really looking forward to this. It’s going to be a great event I’m sure and gives me a specific goal with a defined end date I can really push for!

Signup link - If you’d like to join us and get £5 off, visit this page