With the demise of 3rd party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot (and with it my use of Twitter itself), I’ve started using Mastodon as an alternative. One of the capabilities it offers is verification of links added to your profile. There are a couple of ways to do this, and I’ve settled on what I think is a nice clean method.

Mastodon itself recommends the use of anchor tags such as <a rel="me" href="https://mas.to/@rustypro">Mastodon</a> on the page you want to verify. This would require adding a link on my homepage. I could add it without text, or by using a non-breaking space, but that feels hacky.

Thanks to Dave Barr I discovered you can use a link tag instead to achieve the same verifying effect without cluttering up a page with a hyperlink.

It then became a simple matter of adding <link rel="me" href="https://mas.to/@rustypro"> to layouts/partials/extended_head.html in my site code and now I have a lovely checkmark on Mastodon to verify ownership of this site!

Cover photo by Battenhall on Unsplash